Practice booster

Practice booster

Increase your activity with TBR®

Very often the growth potential of a dental practice is underestimated. The Practice Booster is a set of tools and actions that will enable you to accelerate the development of your practice and offer high quality treatments to the largest number of patients. The Practice Booster energises your actions and gives your practice the push it needs to excel.

Boost your visibility

Your practice likely sets itself apart because you offer your patients unique and clinical proven solutions. By providing you with communication tools designed with your patients in mind, we help you convey a clear message that everyone will be able to understand. Patients who have complete confidence in your services are one of the keys to your success.

Boost your profitability

We innovate for you by developing cutting-edge technologies. Unique, aesthetic and minimally invasive, so many arguments that you can put forward in order to increase your treatment acceptance rate.

Boost your pool of patients

With our knowledge sharing facilities and online engagement opportunities, you can expand your patient base. Our online form ‘Diagnose your Smile’ portal encourages enquiries from new and existing patients, so you can stay connected all the time. By engaging with more people, you can maximise the number of new patients at your practice.

Boost your success

Your patients are the best promoters of the high quality treatments and products you offer. By joining our ‘Find my Dentist’ section, you can male yourself visible to more patients all the time. With consistent word of mouth marketing, excellent clinician treatments and a growing patient base, you can enjoy the rewards of greater personal and business success.

A range of solutions helping you deliver dental excellence.

Unique products, like their smiles.

Stay one step ahead by integrating Z1 implants and the Lumineers into your daily routine. Our innovative technologies allow you to remain on the leading edge of the treatments that are most requested by patients. You can thus encourage high patient satisfaction as well as the growth of your business.

Practical, evidence-based training modules.

Designed to help you develop your skills and improve treatment outcomes, our training will cover both surgical and aesthetic elements of oral rehabilitation, as well as the use of modern tools such as CAD/CAM, guided surgery and lasers

Patient information tools

Our leaflets, videos and other presentations will help to inform patients before and after appointments. They were designed to peak patients’ curiosity and clearly demonstrate the benefits of treatment.

Economical ordering for controlled budgets

Different packages are available to suit the number of implants and veneers you require each year. You can rest assured that you’ll always receive good prices and a great service, as well as exclusive additional advantages from TBR

Enhanced online communication

Our informative website allows you to increase your visibility and attract new patients. Our e-learning platform provides continuing education and the opportunity to interact with experts in the dental implant field.

Customer service is our priority

Whether you have a technical question, require after sales support or need any help at any time, our team is easily contactable by phone or email. We will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and that of your patient.

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