The TBR team

A multidisciplinary manufacturer

TBR is an international company with headquarters based in France. It has specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of unique dental implant solutions for over 30 years :

  • Implant solutions
  • Aesthetic solutions
  • Digital solutions
  • Equipment solutions
  • Regenerative solutions

Your partner of choice

We aim to come an irreplaceable partner for dental professionals around the world. We share the same ambitions, to offer patients the best possible functional and aesthetic restorations, and are here to support you with high quality products and services.

Authentic products

We aim to help you meet patient expectations with our authentic products and technologies. We are also keen to help you communicate to patients in order to grow your practice. Guarantee your patients the authenticity of quality products.

TBR: Titanium Biointegrated Root

The bonsai tree has been chosen to represent the TBR Group because it is the perfect symbol of our ambitions for our products: endurance, longevity and resistance. Its roots have the vital function of ensuring its health and a long lifetime, mirroring what we aim for our dental implants to provide.

Ready to start ?

Discover our customized solutions for your practice.

Discover our customized solutions for your practice.