Step into the philosophy

The philosophy of Lumineers is to preserve the natural structure of the tooth. 

Only two patient visits are necessary and there is no need to grind down the natural teeth to create your patients' a new smile.

Custom-made from patented Cerinate ceramic [Lucite reinforced porcelain], Lumineers keep their shine and integrity over time [clinically proven for over 20 years].

Superior resistance of 216 MPa

Thanks to their superior resistance of 216 MPa, Lumineers veneers can be very thin, like a contact lens. They can thus be placed without affecting the integrity of the dentine.

176% more translucent

In order to mimic natural teeth, dental veneers must be highly translucent. Lumineers are obviously the first choice for a white and shiny smile while replicating the natural features of the enamel.

10 reasons to choose custom-made Lumineers

  • No invasive grinding down of the teeth.
  • Ultra-thin veneers.
  • High performance Cerinate.
  • Over 20 years of clinical experience.
  • Only 2 patient visits.
  • No temporary restoration.
  • No anaesthesia.
  • Less chairtime.
  • Reversible treatment.
  • Painless.

Would you like to place Lumineers®?

Our Lumineers® specialists and the TBR team would be pleased to welcome you at dedicated training courses.