NVPRO 3 laser

NVPRO 3 laser : Makes daily tasks easier

The use of diode laser in dentistry has revolutionized dental practices, bringing many advantages over traditional techniques.

The applications of the NV PRO3 laser are numerous: gingival retractions, class V restorations, frenectomies, gingivectomies, hyperplasias, implant uncoveries, operculectomies, bacterial reductions, treatment of aphthae and herpes...

The laser treatment results in immediate hemostasis, thus providing a bloodless surgical field and accelerating healing. In addition, precision work is carried out in order to considerably reduce adjacent damaged areas. Finally, the need for anesthesia is eliminated in most cases and post-operative pain is non-existent.

Save time and efficiency with the NV PRO3 laser Give your patients the benefit of a high quality of care combined with superior comfort and faster healing

NVPRO 3 laser

810 nm: Optimized for greater efficiency


The effectiveness of a laser is proportional to the absorption of its wavelength by the tissue to be treated.

The NV PRO3 laser, with a wavelength of 810 nm, is more absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin, making this laser optimal for soft tissue treatment. In fact, targeting the peak of the hemoglobin absorption curve at 810 nm optimizes hemostasis to eliminate bleeding and achieve a bloodless surgical field. Due to this optimization, it is possible to obtain a high efficiency of the laser at low power.

The NV PRO3 laser has been designed for complete soft tissue management to cut soft tissue while avoiding bleeding and also to allow for bio-stimulation and decontamination.

This laser treatment, optimized to be as minimally invasive as possible, allows for better tissue healing in a shorter time. The use of anesthesia is not mandatory in most cases and patients' post-operative pain is also limited.

The NV PRO3 laser has a wavelength of 810 nm. It has a high affinity with melanin and hemoglobin.

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