Unique, like your smile

Why choose Lumineers?

Lumineers are ultra-thin, custom-made ceramic veneers, which are durable and aesthetic

That is why they are unique, like your smile.

Placed over your teeth without needing to remove significant amounts of enamel first they give you a long-lasting smile in a safe and minimally invasive way. Acting like a shield, Lumineers provide true protection for your teeth.

From misshapen teeth...


… to your dream smile!


From discoloured teeth...


... to a while and shiny smile!


From missing teeth...


... to a new smile!


From a gap between your teeth...


... to beautifully aligned teeth!


Lumineers - the custom-made veneers

  • No need to grind down your teeth
  • Ultra-thin veneers
  • Over 20 years of clinical use
  • Only 2 appointments required
  • Immediate results
  • No need for anaesthesia
  • Reversible treatment
  • Painless

Lumineers Facets

In 2 appointments only.

First visit :

An impression is taken of your teeth.

Second visit :

The Lumineers are placed.

Quick treatment for immediate results

It takes just two visits to get your dream smile. A first visit for the impression of your teeth, a second one for the placement of your veneers.

With Lumineers, your smile is instantaneously transformed.

Lumineers facets

An innovative material for a painless treatment

The beautiful smiles provided by the Lumineers are the result of using a patented, latest generation ceramic material. Thus, these veneers adjust to your requirements of shape and colour, and they retain their aesthetics over time.

  • Alternative for traditional veneers.
  • Increased resistance.
  • Ultra-thin - like a contact lens.
  • Your teeth are not damaged.
  • Your enamel is preserved.
  • A long lasting treatment.

Lumineers facets

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Unique, like your smile.

Why choose the Z1?

The replacement of missing teeth with titanium dental implants has been possible since the ‘80s. It is very often a suitable alternative to bridges, which sometimes require removal of enamel from some of the healthy surrounding teeth. Today, only the Z1 offers an aesthetic, protective and long-lasting solution thanks to the ceramic material at gum level, which mimics the colour of natural teeth.

That is why it is unique, like your smile.

  • Aesthetic role: totally invisible.
  • Functional role: support for the crown.
  • Clinical role: protection against bacteria.
  • Alternative to bridges.
  • Over 20 years of clinical experience.

Z1 implant

The aesthetic and protective implant

Zirconia :

An aesthetic and antibacterial ceramic shield.

1 intervention :

Only one intervention is needed for implant placement.

  • Optimal aesthetic: no grey gum.
  • Faster healing and long-lasting results.
  • Enhanced post-operative comfort.
  • Prevention of plaque formation.

Z1 implant

An innovative material.

Unlike other dental implants where several surgeries are often necessary, the Z1 implant combines 2 noble and biocompatible materials, Ceramic and Titanium, for better healing and lasting treatment success.

The Z1 implant, placed in a single operation in the dental practice, protects your gums.

Z1 implant

Your frequently asked questions.

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Lumineers are designed, manufactured and packaged in accordance with the European and international regulations.



Z1 implants are designed, manufactured and packaged in accordance with the European and international regulations.